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Hi, We are a group of golfers who happen to be golfing from very young age, are friends from the beginning and very good at testing and reviewing.


The problem we encountered was that each one of us was giving different opinion on different things.

For example, if I say that I play better without the gloves and have a loose grip then I play better most of the time, then some of my other golfers would suggest that no you should always have a strong grip and use gloves. But who would verify this that it would be good for me in the long run?


Just like opinions on how to play, people give opinions on what equipment, accessories, balls you should use which you must have a deep expert knowledge before giving advice.

Therefore, we’ve had many arguments without knowing the proper information and had been misguided so much. There’s where GOLF BENT comes in and after so many years of learning, we’ve decided to become the bents of golf and guide and literate others on golf.

Even though, we are the expert in this field for a long time, we don’t just giveaway our opinion and guide without testing the products and experiencing those. That’s why you can trust our choosing. Learn more about Golf Bent Testing.


Co-owner & Junior Editor

Eagle Miller

Eagle Miller

Author & Senior Editor

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