A knockdown shot is a Golf term which basically means a low ball shot. The jargon used in golf can often be misleading and not as straightforward as it appears. To truly understand these terms, it is important to not take them at face value. The knockdown shot, for instance, should not be interpreted as a move from volleyball or kickboxing. Its meaning is unique to golf and requires a deeper understanding of the sport’s language.

What is a Knockdown Shot in Golf?

A knockdown shot is a golf technique where you hit the ball low that it stays low to the ground. This can help you in situations where there is a lot of wind, or if there are low branches in the way. To do it well, you need to have the right stance and swing speed because a knockdown shot requires speed.

what is a knockdown shot in golf terms

Even if a golf knockdown shot is a type of shot that will keep the ball lower to the ground, although not too low. The ball will not get as high as it would with a golfer’s typical swing. The knockdown is accomplished by using a steadier, easier, and slower swing. 

When To Use a Knockdown Shot?

Why do you hit knockdown shot in golf? A knockdown shot is commonly used in situations such as:

  1. Strong winds that can curve your ball into wrong place
  2. Crosswinds
  3. Low tree branches to prevent the golf ball from getting stuck in the leaves
  4. Uncommonly some player use it to hit a straight shot when long high shots are tough from the terrain.

How to hit a knockdown shot?

When it comes to a knockdown shot in golf, the goal is to grasp full control of your rotation (speed) and the touching spot between the club face and the ball. This can be a challenge for many high handicap golfers as they are used to a single-speed swing and couldn’t control the interaction point of the club as they swing.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to controlling your swing speed. You would have a good start if you start with a wedge and start practicing at a driving range before attempting a knockdown shot on the green. Any club speed would do the job but you need to analyze it starting with a 100 mph club as you’ll have a slow backswing.

Use very little or limited back swing 3-4 time and make your body a little sturdy so that you can form the shot strongly. Then hit with the club’s shaft way forward and as low as you can to the ground to the ball. Make sure to follow through like your hitting the golf ball drawing in the ground. It will make your swing very fast and the ball will go very far with low trajectory.

When you feel confident in your ability to control your speed, follow these tips for a successful knockdown shot:

  • Use the right club: The right club will always be key to success. based on wind speed, adding a club for every ten mph of wind, and make sure it’s low enough to keep the ball down.
  • Place the ball back a bit: Place the ball towards the back of your stance strategically, rather than in the center.
  • Proper stance: Ensure your stance has your head and upper body over or in front of the ball, not behind it, and place most of your weight on your front feet.
  • Choke down on the club: Choke down on the club to have more control over the shot.
  • Go slow: Use only around 70% of your full swing speed, finishing low to achieve a knockdown shot in golf.

To successfully execute a knockdown shot in golf, it’s important not to overthink it. Relaxing and letting things flow can be the best approach for different types of shots. By having a slightly slower-paced swing, you can achieve a lower trajectory.

All you need to do is have the proper stance and swing speed, and you can successfully shoot a knockdown shot in golf.

Is a Knockdown Shot the Same as a Punch Shot?

A knockdown shot is sometimes used interchangeably with a punch shot. That’s because each shot has the same goal in mind: to lower the trajectory. However, while the goals are similar, the swing is one key difference between a knockdown and a punch shot.

The only difference in knockdown shot from punch shot is that the backswing is less and the ball travels far than the punch shot. Punch shot is used to travel the ball out of trouble or trees.

Shot NameCharacter
Knockdown ShotLess backswing and controlled spin. Starts low then slowly climbs mid high and travels low. High speed swing.
Punch ShotMore backswing. Starts low to high and then starts stabilizing travel to low. Mid speed swing.

To differentiate between a punch shot and a knockdown shot in golf, think of the punch shot as quick and sharp, like a punch, while the knockdown shot is slower, similar to a takedown.

To know more please read the differences between the three low shots in golf that are popular: Knockdown vs Punch vs Stinger Shot

What is the most difficult shot in golf?

There are plenty of difficult golf shots and basically even hitting a proper golf shot straight is tough. The plugged bunker shot, swing side of a tree, and 10-foot downhill putt is the most difficult.

The knockdown shot is easy to accomplish with enough practice.

Conclusion: A Knockdown Shot is a lifesaver

Knockdown shot can make your game score high at the difficult time or terrain where you couldn’t find other way to travel around the wind or the trees.

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