When choosing a golf ball, it’s important to think about how fast it spins. Different golfers should look at different balls because they spin at different speeds. If you use the wrong ball, it could make your game worse.

When it comes to the spin of a golf ball, there are several factors at play. Things like the ball’s design, cover material, and primarily your swing can all have an effect. A ball that spins a lot can be helpful if you’re looking for more control, but for someone who’s not an expert, it might cause their shots to go off course.

Bent Tip: Choosing the right golf ball for your swing is super important if you want to put up better scores. If you’re wondering which balls have what type of spin and compression, check out our golf ball spin chart.

As a golfer, you’ve surely experienced the thrill of a well-placed shot, and the frustration of one that just didn’t quite go as planned. Spin is one of the biggest factors that can influence your shots.

Some golf balls are designed to spin more, while others are made to spin less. It all comes down to your personal preference and what you’re looking for in a golf ball.

What are 2 types of spin in golf?

When someone is talking about spin they could be talking about a few different types:

  • Backspin: Some can call this pull back, as this is a spin which drives the ball back towards you when it hits the green or rough.
  • Topspin: This is the opposite of backspin, Top spin is when the ball goes further forward because of the spin it got. Although its pretty rare and not used purposely.
  • Sidespin: Sidespin is when the ball spins on the left or the right side and this is most used in golf.

Backspin and sidespin are mostly used in golf but if you don’t know how to use them, your ball would go off course. But as you’ll become a golfer with the ability to spin on your control, you will want to use spin more as it will make your game excellent and most pro’s use spin to bring the ball closer to the target place.

It is more safe to spin the ball than not using spin because you would have less control of the ball without spin.

How Does Spin Affect A Golf Ball?

Golf ball‘s spin is crucial as it can significantly impact both the height and shape of your shot. A shot with more sidespin can cause a hook or slice after hitting the rough and it can also add additional height due to the traction in the air with spin.

The amount of spin your shot will generate on the ball depends on mostly 2 factors: 1. The type of ball you’re using
2. The path of your swing and the type of club you’re using.

How does Sidespin effect a golf ball?

Sidespin won’t let your golf ball go straight, it will make your shots go either right or left side (depending on the spin) on the air too and after hitting the rough, it can slice or spin directly to right or left.

Its almost impossible to hit a golf ball straight everytime, so to make your shot well placed, everyone uses bit of controlled sidespin. Without understanding the spin magic, sidespin wouldn’t be great for your shots and the ball can maneuver to wrong place.

Types of Sidespin in golf

There are often some terms used to define the type of sidespin in golf, which are slice or hook and fade or draw.

Types of sidespin in golf

Slice or HookToo much sidespin

Slice: Right sidespin– slice makes your golf ball spin too much to the right side.

Hook: Left sidespin– hook makes your golf ball spin too much to the left side.

Fade or Draw- Little sidespin

Fade: Right sidespin– as the name suggests, it makes your golf ball spin a little then the spin fades away from left to the right side.

Draw: Left sidespin– draw makes your golf ball spin from right to to the left side.

Typically, golf balls generate less spin when hit with a driver, so if you notice any sidespin, it is likely because to the path of your swing and you’ve slice the shot with the driver.

How does backspin effect a golf ball?

Backspin creates more friction on the air and it will make your shots go higher and can stop the ball instantly where it drops or spin back towards you a little bit.

But some of the balls generate more backspin with wedges as it will help you to stop the ball going further than you need on the green. For that you’ll need to know how to properly hit a golf ball too.

Which Golf Balls Spin The Most

If you consider yourself a skilled golfer, you might seek a golf ball that generates greater spin. Generally, golfers prefer minimal spin but if you need to maneuver your ball for the perfect place shots then spin plays the great role but if you’re an average golfer then you don’t need a high spin ball.

Because high spin golf balls are costly and for an average golfer it isn’t necessary. That’s why you’re better off spending less money and choose the best golf ball for average golfers.

But for skilled and intermediate golfers, it is necessary to choose a 3 or 4 piece golf ball to improve. Here are some of the best golf balls for spin around the green:

Highest Spin Golf BallsPieceSpin RateSwing Speed
Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash4 pieceHigh+ 105 mph
Titleist Pro V1x4 pieceHigh+ 105 mph
Srixon Z-Star3 pieceHigh+95 mph
Taylormade TP55 pieceHigh+85 mph

These golf balls are mostly made for the highest spin possible around the green as any professional player would make.

So if you want to improve your game and want to learn how to control spin, you can have these, otherwise it can hurt your current game.

Which Golf Balls Spin The Least?

If you’re new to the game of golf or an average player, it’s advisable to go for a minimal spin golf ball with a 2 or 3-piece golf ball. With low spin golf ball, hitting straighter shots off the tee would be easy and is also budget-friendly for you to get and practice.

Most of the time the average players unwillingly slice the ball while hitting and it makes the ball spin with flight, so a high spin ball would end up with more sidespin than needed.

Also, many players still don’t understand the spin magic of the golf and the beauty of controlling it but also many player scores good with straight shot and later they will learn to use spin, so why waste money with high spin golf balls?

Here are some of the best mid to low spinning golf balls off the tee:

Mid To Low Spin Golf BallsPieceSpin RateSwing Speed
Titleist AVX3 pieceMid+ 85 mph
Callaway ERC Soft3 pieceMid<80 mph
Bridgestone e12 Contact3 pieceMid+ 80 mph
Srixon Soft Feel3 pieceLow<80 mph

The Titleist AVX & Callaway ERC Soft ball has mid to low spin rate and it would be better for anyone who can control the spin while hitting and flight because it would produce low spin on the ground.

The last two ball is for beginner to average players as they produce very low spin in both flight and in green so this would be a better choice for straight shots and save budget.

Do Low Spin Golf Balls Go Straighter?

Low spin balls reduces the amount of sidespin on a golf ball and for that reason the ball is likely to go straighter when hit. For beginner to average golfers and those with high handicaps, lower spinning golf balls are an ideal choice.

Most of the time your ball is spinning side ways or curves after shot is because of the high spin ball and you’ve still got to learn the skill to control it.

Before that, hitting straight shots can instantly jump up your game score and quality. To achieve that quickly, playing with a low spin ball is necessary because it produces less spin when shot but also to fix your swing primarily so that you don’t slice the ball.

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Why Does Your Golf Ball Spin Right?

If your golf ball is spinning towards the right, it is likely due to your swing path. If your’e right handed and your’e swinging your club in a curving like path while hitting the ball, then it would create a right curve.

The first question you need to ask is where is your ball starting? Does it start at the target and turn right? Does it start right and curve right?

Does the ball curve right in the flight?

If it turns right just after hitting the ball and in flight then you need to align your club face properly to the ball line and maintain it while hitting. Here your swing path can also play a part as if you swing in a curvature motion it can make the ball maneuver in the air.

Does the ball curve right closer to the target place and after it hit the ground?

This typically happens because of the swing path and because of a little bit of slice or fade. If your perfect your swing, it will automatically get fixed.

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Do Soft Golf Balls Spin More Or Less?

Generally soft golf balls have less spin as it have more friction in ground compared to hard compression golf balls but remember, the spin rate doesn’t matter that much with a driver.

Soft compression of the golf ball won’t have a huge spin but it will give you pure distance. Soft core compression of the ball can carry many factors.

Comparing the Taylormade TP5 and TP5x, it has a softer compression core and also the ball has a bit less driver spin but much less wedge spin. Remember, the piece/construction of the ball won’t matter much for soft balls for spin.

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Should You Use A Low Or High Spin Golf Ball?

There is 2 primary factors at play when you should decide to use a High or Low spin golf ball:

  • Your skill level (your ability to control spin)
  • Budget/Price (High spin balls are costly than low spin balls)

Usually it is recommended that if you’re a beginner or mid to high handicapper or average player (you shoot above 90), a low spin golf ball will be better for you.

Low spin balls will produce low driver spin and low wedge spin, this will be good to improve your straight shots and it will save your wallet because you’ll lose a lot of balls.

You’ll be able to understand spin well and control a little bit when you’ll be shooting in the 80s and you’ll be a proper mid handicapper, and you’ll have space to improve your shots now, then you can go for mid-high spin golf balls.

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But still you’ll be scoring great with a low spin or 2-piece golf ball, so before you have a faster swing speed and you go to low handicap, it is recommended to not to switch to a high spin or tour performance golf ball.

At last if you’re consistently scoring in the 60-70s, you have a strong and stable faster swing speed, you might want to upgrade to Titleist Pro V1 as it will give you more control and distance. You can see the best golf balls for high swing speeds here.

Please Note: Depending on the driver, the balls may have high spin rate and you may hook or slice the ball without knowing. So its better to choose Titleist Pro V1 if your starting with high spin balls because it will have low driver spin, so you’ll be able to make straight shots.

To make your game up, it is the trick to maintain the appropriate amount of spin when shot. If you need distance than use low spin balls but when approaching the green, high spin can make the ball stop or spin softly.

The key is practicing with the right ball and finding the ideal balance of the spin that you can control.

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