The Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball stands out as a remarkable choice for golfers seeking an optimal blend of distance and greenside control, making it standout option in the market. This ball is engineered to deliver impressive performance on the course, it provides golfers with a comfortable touch that can contribute to an improved game. It is Bridgestones 2nd flagship ball in line which focuses on players good game and experience.

The Bridgestone e12 Contact replaces both the prior-gen e12 Soft and e12 Speed. The e12 Contact is instantly recognizable by its Contact Force Dimple pattern which puts 46 percent more surface area in contact with the clubface. Bridgestone says that helps create better energy transfer (more speed), straighter flight and more spin around the green. On paper, it check all of the boxes.

The e12 Contact is a three-piece FLEXATIVcover ball with 326 dimples. Given its mid-low compression, we can reasonably expect high launch and low spin on full shots.

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Hands on review

On our gauge, the Bridgestone e12 Contact has an average compression of 61. That’s about eight points softer than the prior generation e12 Soft. Though not as soft as the 2019 e6, the e12 Contact is still one of the softest balls with distance we’ve tested to date.

When you unwrap a Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball, the standout feature is its dimples. They’re wide, hexagonal, and notably deep, with raised circles etched into them. These unique Contact Force dimples drive the design of this new ball, taking over from Bridgestone’s previous e12 Soft and e12 Speed models. The aim? To amplify the surface contact between your clubface and the ball by a substantial 46% percent.

It sits between distance-focused two-piece balls and the top-tier golf balls used by Tour pros as it is Bridgestone’s 2nd flagship ball.

When you hit the ball with the e12 Contact, it feels pretty soft, especially considering it’s advertised for distance. Off the tee, this ball matched up with some of the top-notch premium ones, sending the ball up nicely for better carry.

Driver performance

I noticed something about the ball’s flight—it seemed less curvy. Right now, I’m struggling a bit with my club face being open at impact. Twice, I smacked the ball high and straight with my driver, which, with my usual ball, would’ve been a slicing block.

Iron performance

When I used my irons, the shots had a solid, mid-level path and had good control as they approached the greens. Surprisingly, there was less side spin than I’m used to. Trying to finesse shots with a gentle fade didn’t quite work—the e12 kept things straight, which might bug better players.

For those aiming to straighten their shots, the Bridgestone e12 Contact could do wonders, it certainly has a knack for straightening things out. It seemed to linger on the clubface a tad longer and felt genuinely soft and responsive for those short chips and pitches. Considering it’s not too expensive, it offers a decent level of feel.

Putter performance

Putting with it feels satisfying—it gives a sharp click off the putter face. Though it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t have that super soft feel like the Bridgestone e6 ball. Bridgestone’s aiming for more ball speed by using a softer core and prolonging contact with the face, aiming for longer and straighter shots. During my round, it kept up with pricier balls and outperformed other mid-range distance balls in terms of length.

We usually compare one ball to its nearest competitor which is similar in price and features to understand the pros and cons.

Brigestone E6 vs E12 Supersoft vs E12 Contact Comparison

Bridgestone E6Bridgestone E12 SoftBridgestone E12 Contact
FeelSoft Feel Softer feelSemi-Soft Feel
PerformanceSoft but still mostly accurate, fast & great distance.Superior performer in regards with distance control compared to e6 but lacks in spin.Best performer in the price in terms of distance and semi-soft feeling with more durability & stylish look.
Advantages1. Comes in White & Yellow.
2. Ordinary & Typical look.
3. More soft feel and less distance but high flight.
4. More Spin.
1. Similar to E12 contact but with less spin and distance and accuracy.1. More color options: matte green, matte yellow, matte red and the standard white.
2. Unorthodox boxy shape dimple that looks aggressive and modern.
3. Big hit impact with more distance with long and stable flight.
4. Less Spin.
ValueBest in price5-10$ more than e65-12$ more than e6


  • Highly Respectable quality for the price/category.
  • 2nd grade flagship compared to tour balls but in very low price.
  • More distance.
  • Modern design pattern.
  • 4 colors available.
  • Low price.


  • Wide compression variation
  • Very few layering issues

Final Decision

Should you buy the Bridgestone e12 Contact? yes if:

– You prioritize distance over spin
– You play in windy conditions often
– You prefer a firmer-feeling ball

No if:

-You’re a very beginner
-You want more soft feel with more high flight but less distance


Budget represents the calculated expense of acquiring a dozen high-quality golf balls. It’s an estimation projecting the amount you might need to spend to ensure you have a set of 12 reliable balls.

The Bridgestone E12 Contact will be the best in budget if you’re wanting to get more distance and trajectory but with low price .


Bridgestone E12 Contact has 4 different color for you to choose from:
1. White
2. Red
3. Green
4. Yellow

But If you want a high visibility golf ball with a great price and performance, you can pick the yellow color ball of this model which is the best color.

Durability & Cover

It is a firm ball with more boxier dimples which looks stylish as well as being durable at the same time. It can get dirty but it is very durable compared to other balls in this price range.

The core quality was consistently good—no odd bits or unmixed material spotted. The color stayed the same across the entire sample.

We spotted a few flaws in the covers, but nothing major that would be considered a significant defect.


Bridgestone-e12-golf-balls Review by Golf


  • Construction: Three-Piece
  • Cover: FLEXATIV Cover Technology 
  • Compression: 61 (Medium Compression Core)
  • Pattern: 326


  • Semi-Soft Feel
  • Long Straight Shots
  • Fast Ball Speed
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Long Lifespan
  • 4 Color Options


  • Not Best Choice for Lower Handicap Golfers
  • Low Flight with less spin

Finally, if you’re already are a mid to high handicap player with a little bit of spin experience and have power shoot to push distance, but in low price then this Bridgestone E12 golf ball is currently offering the best experience within price. If you’re an average golfer, also see our best golf balls list.

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