Golf balls are one of the most important pieces of equipment a golfer can buy. You want a ball made for you that is going to fly straight and have a good feeling when you hit it as an average golfer.

Best Golf Balls don’t exist yet with so many golf balls to choose from, how do you find the best one for yourself? It can be tough! 

If you’re an average golfer, the process of selecting golf balls is easier for you, especially when compared to beginners and even professionals!

Let’s take a look at the quick list of some of the best golf balls in some of the aspects that are mostly recommended by experts for the average golfer:

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Editor’s Choice

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

(Overall 4.7⭐)

Srixon Soft Golf Balls - strongolf
Srixon Soft Golf Balls –

Straight Flight: 4.7
Distance Control: 4.8
Consistency: 4.7
Durability: 4.2
Value For Money: 5

Higher launch, Minimal sidespin, Best value for money, Outstanding feel

2nd Best Choice

Callaway Golf Supersoft Balls

(Overall 4.3⭐)

Callay Super Soft Golf Balls
Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls Review –

Straight Flight: 4
Distance Control: 4.9
Consistency: 4.2
Durability: 4
Value For Money: 4.5

First-time Golf Ball Buying Friendly, Affordable, Great Distance Control.

How to know if you are an average golfer?

An average golfer has a high handicap and typically shoots above 90. Usually average golfer scores between 91 to 100.

Beginner to average players can shoot in the 80s but a player who is now a little bit upgraded and has understood their swing speed falls above 90.


Anyone who shoots above 20 to 30 then you’re a beginner to an average player but as said average golfers have a high handicap which we consider to be above 90.

If you shoot in the 70s = low handicap.
If you shoot in the 80s = mid handicap.
If you shoot above 90 = high handicap.

These golf balls are tested and reviewed specifically based on upper mid to high handicap players. But if you are a mid handicapper or shoot below 90 regularly then you can check out our article on the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Key aspects of choosing a ball for an average golfer?

Remember not all golf balls or golf clubs work well with every player due to their personal preferences or skill level and that is exactly why it is really important to pick the right ones for you.

We recommend choosing a ball starting with these three key aspects of a ball:

  1. Low driver spin
  2. High ball flight
  3. Decent price tag

We compiled this comparison table list of the 7 best golf balls that we recommend for average players like yourself!

Best Golf Balls For Average GolfersPerformanceCompression
(Below 30$=Yes)
Buying Factor
1. Srixon Soft Feel Golf BallFeel (Soft)Low (60)YesHigher launch, Minimal sidespin, Best value for money, Outstanding feel
2. Callaway Supersoft Golf BallFeel (Soft)Low (38)YesBeginner to Average golf player friendly, Reputed brand, Great Distance Control, 2nd Best value for money
3. Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf BallFeel (Soft)Low (40)YesBest ball for the low budget and best for beginner to average golf experience
4. Srixon Q-Star Golf BallsFeelMid (77)YesBoosts distance, goes straight
5. Titleist Tour Soft Golf BallFeelLow (65)YesBest All-rounder ball at a reasonable price
6. Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft Golf BallDistanceLow (50)PriceyUpper mid-high handicappers performance runner
7. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf BallTourMid (70)YesBest Ball for 8-18 Handicap and is cheaper than the Prov’s

What makes these balls so great? They’re mostly affordable while giving you more than enough quality to play some pretty decent rounds of golf if you are an average golfer.

Now we will start elaborating on the test results of each ball’s quality, specifications, capability, and the buying factor that will make your decision process of choosing the right golf ball for yourself as an average golfer to improve the game strongly.

What Are The Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers?

Here are the tested reviews of the 7 best golf balls for the average golfer:

1. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball (Editor’s Choice)

Srixon Soft Golf Balls - strongolf
Srixon Soft Golf Balls – golfbent

Key features

  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Cover: Ionomer Cover
  • Pattern: 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Performance: Soft Feel
  • Offer Colors: Yellow and White


  • Excellent Soft Feel with Fast Swings
  • Great Distance within a strong wind
  • Enhanced spin control than previous generations
  • The price is very reasonable under 2 bucks a ball


  • It does not give a high-quality spin around greenside
  • Not very durable

Today’s Best Deal

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball has a large core and 338 dimples with a low 60 compression. You get great initial velocity with these balls as well as it’s good for players with faster swing speeds. They also come in yellow and white colors.

It has a unique construction. It is designed to be soft in the center area and gradually becomes firmer towards the edge. As a result, you have a golf ball that maximizes speed and minimizes ball spin. In our test, it really cuts through wind to a great distance and went to 215 yards on average with five long shots.

It’s the 12th generation soft ball that really doesn’t disappoint and it is the best ball for average golfers seeking distance combined with a soft feel as this is the second best value for money for any average golfer in the long run. It comes at a super reasonable price compared to another great Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball which has many similarities.

Buying factors

This ball is recommended for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, but those in the 70 – 80 range are more likely to enjoy its full benefits such as improved distance, higher launch, and minimum good lifespan within a super reasonable price.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball (2nd Best Choice)

Callay Super Soft Golf Balls

Key features

  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Cover: Ionomer (Hybrid Cover featuring PARALOID)
  • Compression: 38 (Super Low Compression Core)
  • Pattern: Low drag HEX aerodynamics
  • Performance: Super Soft Feel
  • Offer Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink & Green


  • Super Softest Feel
  • 2-piece ball for maximum forgiveness
  • Long Straight Shots
  • Fast Ball Speed
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Long Lifespan
  • 6 Color Options


  • Not Best Choice for Lower Handicap Golfers
  • Low Spin makes it hard to shape a shot
  • Gets scratches, marks, and dirt easily

Today’s Best Deal

This Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is almost the most reviewed and most commonly recognized ball, starting from Beginner to Professional Players. The ball is beginner-friendly, affordable, has Ultra-low compression, and is from a reputable brand.

This Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for longer carry and longer distance shots. It also has an ultra-low compression core that promotes fast ball speed and increased accuracy and also increases distance off the tee and added control around the green.

However, there are better options for golfers with a faster swing but this one is the best in price. This is an excellent alternative for golfers who are unsure where to seek yet want a high-quality golf ball at a reasonable price.

Buying factors

Excellent choice because this golf ball provides great value and performance for Average Players. This golf ball set is not only less expensive than more costly choices but they are also designed with an extremely soft feel and low compression and is more focused for golfers with slower swing speed.

3. Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf Ball (Best Budget Ball)

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

Key features

  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Cover: Ionomer Cover
  • Compression: 40 (Mid)
  • Performance: Soft Feel
  • Colors: White & Pink


  • Soft feel
  • Low spin for long shots
  • Fast ball speed & improved distance
  • Most affordable


  • Short lifespan

Today’s Best Deal

Pinnacle Rush and Soft Golf Ball are available at the best price.

Due to its low compression core, it creates the softest feel and low spin for long-distance.

However, with 58 percent of the balls in the study reported for compression problems or inconsistent layering, there’s plenty of evidence to say that consistency isn’t the thing for this ball for Golfers with faster swings.

There may be quickly visible scratches on the ball’s cover, and you may need to replace the ball in a short period due to its damage.

Buying factors

It’s designed to provide great distance, allowing golfers of all levels to hit the ball further.

The soft, ionomer cover keeps the soft feel and lower compression. 332 dimples in an advanced “icosahedral” dimple pattern provide strong ball flight.

The price is also a serious factor; this ball is the most affordable and fits the needs of all individuals.

4. Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball

Srixon Golf Balls Review - strongolf
Srixon Golf Best Golf Balls Reviewed by

Key features

  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Cover: Ionomer Cover
  • Pattern: 388 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Performance: Feel & Tour
  • Offer Colors: Yellow and White


  • Best Performer for greenside control
  • Mid to high launch
  • Great Distance
  • Allow flying straightly in a very windy situation
  • Reduced drag


  • Not Best Choice for Golfers with Faster Swing

Today’s Best Deal

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls improve short-game spin while maintaining severe reach and their weight consistency is good (above average). It begins soft in the middle and eventually becomes firmer around the edges for an exceptional feel and full reach. It is one of the best golf balls for distance.

Buying factors

The 388 Speed Dimple Pattern decreases drag while increasing lift due to a lower spin rate, it holds speed in mid-air while flying resulting in greater total distance and straighter flight.

5. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Titleist Best Golf Balls

Key features

  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Cover: Ionomer Cover
  • Compression: 65 (Mid)
  • Performance: Soft Feel


  • Performance focused
  • Less miss hit
  • Soft magnificent feel
  • High shots and low spin in flight
  • Provides penetrating ball flight for straighter shots


  • Gets discolored quickly
  • Rebound is not as good as other premium balls

Today’s Best Deal

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball has always been a great all-rounder with a soft feel at a reasonable price. The testing of the 2020 version revealed that it is somewhat quicker off the tee than its forerunner, possibly due to a bigger core and thinner cover, resulting in increased carry distance.

Yet, if you want top-end performance in your short game, you still need urethane which the ball does not consist of.

Buying factors

It is the largest Titleist core design, with a thin 4CE grafted cover and a spherically-tiled 342 dimple design. It’s also available in white and high-visibility yellow.

It is a low compression ball that helps to reduce the amount of ball speed lost on miss-hits and performs the bag to help golfers get the most out of every shot on the course. Softer golf balls also allow golfers to hit the ball higher, which is advantageous to the majority of players.

6. Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft G
Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft G

Key features

  • Construction: Three-piece
  • Cover: Surlyn Cover
  • Compression: 50 (Low)
  • Performance: Distance


  • Low compression core & great performer
  • Fast ball speed
  • Great distance control


  • Lack of spin

Today’s Best Deal

Bridgestone Golf E12 Soft Golf Ball delivers a soft feel with the added performance benefit of distance, as well. Even though the ball has a low trajectory with a lack of spin, it is also straight as an arrow and affordable. It is one of the best golf balls for accuracy.

Buying factors

It has a new active acceleration mantle layer made of high-performance polymer material that increases force and initial speed. Also, its softer core gives more flexibility and feel while reducing the spin of the driver.

The bottom line is that this is one of the best golf balls for high handicappers looking for performance.

7. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Ball

Taylormade Project a Golf Balls

Key features

  • Construction: Three-piece
  • Cover: Urethane Cover
  • Compression: 70 (Mid)
  • Performance: Tour


  • Softer Feel
  • Medium Spin
  • More Control
  • Tour Technology
  • Lasts Long


  • Aren’t as Straight as The Premium Quality Balls

Today’s Best Deal

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Ball is the softest and most durable urethane cover to date provides a soft feel and added spin. It helps you generate the extra spin you need to stop the ball closer to the hole, leaving you shorter putts to promote lower scores.

However, if you’re a mid-handicapper, you probably shouldn’t be using a tour-level ball. Why? Because you don’t have the game to use it to its fullest capacity as you’ll be shooting below 90 that won’t perform great.

Buying factors

This three-piece ball is aimed at increasing performance in the areas where amateur golfers require it the most – onto and around the green.

TaylorMade engineers created Project (a) golf ball for competitive upper mid-but mostly high handicappers who want additional approach-shot spin. Its new cast urethane cover that’s specially formulated to be soft, durable, and very responsive.

How we test golf balls?

Golfbent’s testing lab is how you can make sure to trust us with the results. We have experienced team members in the golf community who knows golf balls inside and out. They all test the golf balls practically and give personal reviews and those reviews are peer-checked to make sure all agree on the statements. Although, many times we survey other players’ thoughts and let an outsider test and get views on that because a new or outside player might have a different feel from our experienced ones. So, sometimes both apply in understanding the balls’ feel and performance.

We try to evaluate each ball as soon as it enters the market, spending many hours on the golf course, the practice range, the short-game area, and the putting green to gain a sense of each ball’s advantages and disadvantages from the tee to the green. The one thing that separates us from other reviewers is that we also test a golf ball with a similar ball and try to figure out the differences and that is what gives us a better result to understand which has more weaknesses or advantages compared to the other ones.

Key factors to consider in a golf ball before buying


Sometimes, less expensive balls don’t last as long because they shatter or have a poor cover. Stick to versions with stronger, cut-resistant coverings if durability is important. Choose versions with softer covers and they will simply last longer.


As an average golf player, it is not always worth spending a handful amount on golf balls. You have to get the best on-budget golf ball. Although, some expensive golf balls are really a thing to experience but for your daily learning and improvement, you can get a performing golf ball at the half price of the expensive balls with almost very little difference and feel. So, it’s better that you stick to an affordable golf ball.


As you already understand, no golf ball can be called the perfect golf ball instead of being highly pricey. There are frequently trade-offs to be made to build one golf ball to perform the way it does. You must choose which is most significant or comfortable for you. It is likely that there will be a trade-off or exchange in terms of short life span, feel, or distance and the same is true if you go for a really durable golf ball. Simply be clear about what each golf ball is intended to deliver and any potential trade-offs you may encounter.

Swing speed

A player would get a perfect golf ball for them when the ball would match the swing speed of the player. Players have faster or lower swing speeds and based on that the distance of the ball gets affected. If an average golf player with faster swings plays with a slower-swing golf ball, then the result will be only misleading and perform worst.


With many models being offered in three or more colors, almost anything is now acceptable when it comes to golf balls. Although red balls are highly visible and to know more read about Best Visible Golf Ball Colors


Most of the time a golf ball really depends on the player’s choice. It doesn’t matter what brand it is because if you feel comfortable or feel the golf ball is working great for you then it’s great. That being said, golf balls brand can play a significant role when you’re starting out. Also, no player can stick to one brand’s ball forever but it’s true that reputed brands have some well-made balls and for an average golf player branded golf balls are a good starting point to becoming aware of the ball types.

Number of Balls

Occasionally, purchasing in bulk will result in a lower price, which is especially true for smaller brands or those that frequently run sales on online retailers like Amazon. Additionally, we advise watching for great deals like Black Friday, and Christmas to buy in bulk.


Yes, indeed! It’s as simple as that: find something inside your price range that you enjoy playing and get to know it. The most important thing is not to let your pride get in the way; don’t play a tour ball because it would cost you more money and potentially hurt your game.

The global average handicap is 17, suggesting that there is a large demand for ‘high handicap’ golfers for these brands to sell to because average golfers are high handicap players. There are several excellent golf balls available that can help increase your game. Choose the one you want and stick with it.

So many golfers simply play whatever ball they can get their hands on. This contributes to instability since multiple balls can behave differently because of their skill level. No matter how strong you are, consistency is a crucial aspect of golf. Sticking to one ball is the first step in this process.

You may choose TitleistTaylorMade, or Srixon, but after getting fit, you may discover that Bridgestone has a ball best suited to your game.

Senior golfers have slower swing speeds, to generalize. Certainly, this is not true for any senior golfer in comparison to every younger player. As a result, they will spin the ball less.

As a senior golfer, you may want a lower compression ball that spins more. The Wilson Duo 3 is one of the best low-compression balls on the market. It has the lowest compression possible and is a perfect deal.

Bridgestone has led the way in making premium balls that spin faster with slower swing speeds for seniors who are still players and looking to go down. 

Choosing the proper golf ball will help you improve your scores.

Golf balls have evolved a lot side by side with club technology and they can help you play better.

Many golfers simply play any ball they can get their hands on. This leads to inconsistency since various balls will behave differently regardless of your skill level. No matter how good you are, consistency is the most crucial aspect of golf.

So you should keep practicing with one single ball that is best for you and shines your skills while playing golf.

Golfers who opt for lower compression balls can play with more flexibility which allows them greater distance, less spin, and straighter shots.

Choosing a golf ball, like choosing a golf club, can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. Today’s golfers have a variety of options when it comes to golf ball types and designs.

However, how can golfers make accurate decisions when faced with too many options? “What is the right golf ball for me?” you might be curious. 

Golf balls are an important part of the game. They can help with control, speed, and distance. That is why there are so many different styles of golf balls available; everybody plays differently. 

Golf ball technology, which includes lightweight materials, layers, and varying compression levels, will help you develop your game. As a result, you must choose the proper golf ball for your game.

Also, the majority of high-handicap beginners lack distance. You can increase the distance by using the proper golf club. The golf ball’s compression and shape will decide whether it is intended for distance or greenside control.

Have you ever tried the bite test? I’ve had a lot of strange looks when I bite a golf ball to see how rough the cover is. What motivates me to do this?

The harder the ball, the more it continues to go with less spin. They are also much less expensive, so they might be perfect if you always drop balls. Softballs cling more to the loops of the irons and soles, causing them to spin more.

This is a feature of golf balls that many people are unaware of or do not understand. This is the amount of which the ball’s form will change upon effect. This would have an impact on how the ball feels and how far it travels.

Since soft golf balls compact further on impact and go faster with a slower swing pace, they favor those that do not swing as hard and can provide more distance and power to beginners, juniors, ladies, seniors, and even some improvers and low handicappers. This is not to suggest that all beginners can play with soft golf balls.

A high-compression golf ball could be best suited to you if you have a quick swing pace. It’s just about figuring out what works for you and sticking to it to improve the game with the best golf balls for the average golfer.

In general, all of the versions that are currently available would have between two and five layers. While the number of layers does not tell you anything you need to know about a ball, it does provide a clear general explanation of the consistency you should expect.

A thin yet tough outer layer envelops a big, solid core in a two-layered ball. Spin is reduced, allowing for maximum reach but still reducing the risk of these balls breaking or tying.

The majority of tour models have three or four layers: a soft cover, one or two intermediate parts, and a solid (sometimes liquid) core. Because of their high spin rates, they provide excellent greenside control and enable professional golfers to play shots perfectly.

A low compression core helps boost launch and low spin off the driver, and a soft fast inner mantle improves long iron shots in a five-layer golf club.

Balls are prone to be lost or broken until they wear out. According to Golf Digest, unless there is severe damage to the cover, the average golf ball can last at least seven complete 18-hole rounds before performance deteriorates.

The ball surface can normally get scratched if you play three rounds of 60 full-swing shots per round. According to experts, you can bring a new ball into play every few rounds to improve accuracy and results. Although there is nothing you can do to halt the aging process, there are things you can do to slow it down.

According to experts, golf balls are now designed with multi-layer surfaces and solid cores, so they will not go bad or have an impact on performance. Golf balls with scuff marks may have an impact on the ball’s performance. I consider using the golf balls on your rack and don’t worry, you can still play with them.

They can, but the difference between types of balls was very insignificant: six yards at most. These balls may be worth the additional money if you have a good short game. If so, continue with the lower-priced balls and utilize the savings to cover your wagers.

Our 1# Recommendation: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

Editor’s Choice
Srixon Soft Golf Balls - strongolf
Srixon Soft Golf Balls Reviewed- Golf Bent

Higher launch, Minimal sidespin, Best value for money, Outstanding feel

Rated: 4.7/5 ⭐

Best for an average golfer with a high handicap.

Final thoughts 

Keep one thing in mind at all times. That you should choose a golf ball that is appropriate for your swing speed and handicap, whatever they may be.

Every golf ball is built differently. Some produce more spin, fly farther, feel softer, and so on. However, most ordinary players choose low spin to ensure maximum target. But it isn’t the whole story. Many average-skilled players place a premium on distance as well.

In any event, the golf balls featured here have a soft outer cover and a low-compression core to give you the perfect combination, namely greater carry distance and low spin, as well as a softer feel.

We hope that our list of the best golf balls for average players provided you with some further information on the golf ball that you should be utilizing for your game. When selecting a golf ball, consider your budget, swing speed, and preferences in mind.

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