High-visibility golf balls absolutely work, so if you’re having trouble finding a typical white ball in the rough, I’d suggest swapping for a yellow or orange ball.

What is the best golf ball color for high visibility

What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to See? (Most Visible)

Yellow color golf ball is the most visible golf ball color for any golfer because it is the easiest ball color to find in the rough. Though many other bright colors are there with their own problems and benefits statistically. But Yellow color can give high visibility for most color blind golfers too.

Here is a general idea of the color golf balls’ advantages and disadvantages ranking the best high visibility to the lowest visibility:

Golf Ball Color Comparison

YellowYellow is the best color choice for a golf ball because of its Improved contrast over white. For most color blinds yellow is very visible and also easy to spot in the sky with high shots. It is even easy to find a yellow golf ball at the night.Limited selection and not all the best golf balls have yellow color options.
WhiteExcellent all round color which is ideal for almost all golfing conditions.Will appear dirtier than other colors. Gets lost in high sunlight in the sky.
PinkVery easy to spot in the rough and have high visibility at night.Not a popular choice so very less brands produce this color.
OrangeA good color to use during the winter and summer.Visibility is reduced significantly during the fall season.
RedSuperior visibility during the day and easily trackable from distance.Not a good choice for color blinds. Inferior visibility at night. Red will not contrast well with artificial lights either.
Neon/GreenNeon balls offer great visibility and are becoming more popular. Even though the ground is green, it sometimes contrasts and is easy to spot.Expect to pay a higher cost for neon balls. For distance, green or neon balls can be hard to find.
BlueNoneDon’t contrast with the green or putting and also they get lost in the sky with high shots. It is very hard to find at night.

What color ball is best for visually impaired or color blind golfers?

Yellow color golf ball provides the best high visibility for color-blind golfers. You’ll be fine with most colors but white and red seem to perform the worst for color-blind golfers. Most visually impaired golfers with Deutan or Protan Color Blindness find that red golf balls are the worst to spot and have almost no visibility.

Then there comes the Chomax golf balls exclusively designed for the visually impaired golfers. The golf ball seems bigger and brighter because of its distinctive gorgeous cover of a reflective inner and outer layer. It is one of the best balls you can get if you have golf ball eye sight challenges. You can check out these balls here.

High Visibility Color Pattern Golf Balls

Half color golf balls & some balls have colorful patterns on them to have a high visibility. As an illustration, the brand-new Srixon Z-Star Divide golf balls are split 50/50 between high visibility yellow and white. The half-and-half design printed on the cover makes it simpler to observe the dynamics of the golf ball spin during flight. Another example of these divide golf balls are Volvik Crystal Golf Balls.

Additionally, there are balls with “dotted” patterns that function similarly. The TaylorMade TP5 balls are a few of examples of golf balls with a “dotted” design.

Best Golf Balls for Night ( LED GOLF BALLS)

Golf balls are almost invisible at night. Blue color ball is not visible at all and other colors struggle to be seen except for the yellow color golf balls. But mostly if you are a golfer who loves to play at night then these THIODOON Glow in The Dark Golf Balls are good for you. These are LED golf balls with a technology where if you shot the ball it will be lighten up for the next 6-7 minutes for you to find it. Also, we found that these have a long lasting battery of 36 hrs of lifetime in our testing. So, these are perfect for you to play at night but don’t expect great ball travel and green-side speed control because these are synthetic balls.

Golf Ball Color History

Why Are Golf Balls White?

White has historically been the only color used for golf balls. Many manufacturers have recently started offering more color options for golfers. White was the color of choice because other colors weren’t common in any sports at the time.

Golf balls were painted white at the beginning because they were hand-made and pricey. White was a readily accessible color at the time which cost less then. Most of the time golf is called a gentleman’s game and white was also called a gentleman color in the 17th century. Additionally, because of the grass’s green color, people had the idea that white would’ve been the most visible color as the balls are like in some other sports like Soccer (Football) or Cricket at that time.

What’s the difference between high visibility and white golf balls?

There’s almost no difference between a high visibility color golf ball like a yellow or neon golf ball compared to a white golf ball except for its colors. The only difference between them is the color of the cover. The rest of the construction of the same model of the golf ball is identical. But remember most great golf ball models which are great performers don’t have the colors available. If you’re an average golfer then look at the white best golf balls for average golfers.

White vs Yellow Golf Balls

Yellow is the best color choice for a golf ball because of its Improved contrast over white.White color golf ball is not the most visible color but mostly used color.
It has very limited selection and not all the best golf balls have yellow color options.All the best golf balls are produced in white color primarily.
For most color blinds yellow is very visible.Not good for color blinds.
Excellent all round color which is ideal for almost all golfing conditions.Will appear dirtier than other colors. Gets lost in high sunlight in the sky.
Very few pro players uses yellow color.Almost all pro players uses white color golf balls.

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Top 5 Best High Visibility Golf Balls

For Upper Mid to High Handicap golfers above 90, these are the 5 best high visible yellow golf balls review:

1. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball


  • Excellent Soft Feel with Fast Swings
  • Great Distance within a strong wind
  • Enhanced spin control than previous generations
  • The price is very reasonable under 2 bucks a ball


  • It does not give a high-quality spin around greenside
  • Not very durable

Today’s Best Deal

Buying factors

This ball is recommended for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, but those in the 70 – 80 range are more likely to enjoy its full benefits such as improved distance, higher launch, and minimum good lifespan within a super reasonable price.

2. Callaway Supersoft Yellow Golf Ball


  • Super Softest Feel
  • 2-piece ball for maximum forgiveness
  • Long Straight Shots
  • Fast Ball Speed
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Long Lifespan
  • 6 Color Options


  • Even though it is primarily yellow but have a mix of green tone which can be unsoothing to the eye but highly visible
  • Not Best Choice for Lower Handicap Golfers

Today’s Best Deal

Buying factors

Excellent choice because this golf ball provides great value and performance for Average Players. This golf ball set is not only less expensive than more costly choices but they are also designed with an extremely soft feel and low compression and is more focused for golfers with slower swing speed.

3. Bridgestone Golf E12 Yellow Soft Golf Ball


  • Low compression core & great performer
  • Fast ball speed
  • Great distance control


  • Lack of spin

Today’s Best Deal

Buying factors

It has a new active acceleration mantle layer made of high-performance polymer material that increases force and initial speed. Also, its softer core gives more flexibility and feel while reducing the spin of the driver.

The bottom line is that this is one of the best golf balls for high handicappers looking for performance.

4. Srixon Q-Star Yellow Golf Ball


  • Best Performer for greenside control
  • Mid to high launch
  • Great Distance
  • Allow flying straightly in a very windy situation
  • Reduced drag


  • Not Best Choice for Golfers with Faster Swing

Today’s Best Deal

Buying factors

The 388 Speed Dimple Pattern decreases drag while increasing lift due to a lower spin rate, it holds speed in mid-air while flying resulting in greater total distance and straighter flight.

5. Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Yellow Golf Ball


  • Great distance control
  • Low spin
  • Superb balanced, soft & Fast Speed
  • Known brand


  • Costly for Beginners
  • Takes Time to Take Out The Full Potential Of The ball

Today’s Best Deal

Buying factors

This is the ball for you if you like a softer feel, especially in the short game. If you generally hit a high shot off the tee but don’t mind starting a little lower, this ball is the answer once again.

Key Factors to consider for high-visibility golf balls

If you want to buy or switch to high-visibility golf balls then you must consider these facts into consideration before purchasing.

Do color balls and white balls cost the same? 

Colored golf balls are in the same price range as white because most of the ball models just change the color of the cover. The ball will function the same and the cover will have the same characteristics. There is no change in pricing, either up or down. Though there might be some reductions and deals to be gained when companies try to get rid of a line of colors that don’t sell.

Do pro golfers use color or high visibility golf balls? 

Pro golfers don’t use high visibility or color golf balls because they play with very high-quality and pro-level balls which don’t often produce golf balls of different colors other than white, so they stick with mostly white golf balls.

The pros play a lot of games, hit a lot of white balls on the range, and practice a lot with white balls from the beginning of their career therefore they have built a high-visibility tendency with the white ball. Some golfers on the senior PGA Tour use yellow balls to increase visibility but that number is very few.

Is it easy to change to a color or yellow golf ball?

It is not easy to change a golf ball color because your brain and memory muscle is used to playing with the color you always play. That’s why when you change the ball color it becomes very noticeable with each of your shots that you’ve just started adjusting.

So, don’t try hard and just play by remembering the feel and automatically it will adjust after a couple of games. You can always train yourself around the green to improve with a different color.

Can high visibility golf balls improve my score?

A high visibility golf ball can make your game faster by letting you see where your ball is going and you can easily adjust a slight change the next time you shot just by knowing how the ball performs in the wind when you hit it high. Also, The enjoyment factor and the improvement in your ability to perceive your ball through the air do provide you with a slight confidence boost psychologically but not for all.

So it depends but mostly a high visibility golf ball may improve your score over time with consistency.

Does Golf Ball’s Color Impact Feel? 

Basically no because you won’t feel any difference between a white of and a color ball of the same brand but the feel in your head might change because you’ll be able to see your ball more visibly and see how it curves and make adjustments.

If you keep losing them and want to retrieve others from the water you must get a ball retriever to recover some of your profit.

How can I improve my ability to see the ball in the air?

If you want to see your ball just with your bare eyes against the sunlight, you might not be able to see it most of the time. But if you wear a brown shade or sunglass then it’s easiest to see the ball flying even in bright sunlight.

Which color golf ball should I avoid?

Blue golf balls should be always avoided because it has the worst visibility half of the time and they would give you pain at night. Even in the greenest area, a blue color golf ball won’t make such a difference from a white golf ball so why use blue colors.

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