The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is one of the best values on the market because they provide distance with greenside control, which is a difficult combination to find in a golf ball. They also have a soft feel, which makes them an excellent choice for someone who wants to improve their game but doesn’t want to spend too much money.

The golf ball is the most important piece of equipment for a golfer and there are so many different types to choose from that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Therefore you can choose this Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball with the reason and review below.

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Hands on review

This Callaway Supersoft has a hybrid cover for that enables a flexible experience. The power and distance you will feel when you hit the ball is something that very less golf balls have. Its soft compression core, which aids in accelerating ball speeds and encourages a fast launch and low spin, is another crucial feature.

We find out that when this golf ball is hit by a long iron, it performs at its peak in the powershots with high launch and terribly good ball speed within control.

We were super impressed with its logo placement on the ball which is used as a great positioning feature. You wouldn’t need a sharpie and you could quickly align the ball with hand just by seeing the background. This made our experience very delightful before playing any shot with less hassle.

We usually compare one ball to its nearest competitor which is similar in price and features to understand the pros and cons.

Callaway vs Titleist vs Brigestone E12 Supersoft Comparison

Callaway SupersoftTitleist SupersoftBridgestone E12 Soft Ball
FeelSuper Soft Feel80% Soft70% soft
PerformanceSoft but still mostly accurate, fast & great distanceIt is soft but not the fastest and accurate compared to CallawaySuperior performer in regards with distance control compared to callaway but lacks spin very much
ValueBest in price2nd best in pricePricey compared to Callaway


The low cost of the balls are one of the important and impressive factor of Supersofts. They offer fantastic value for money, especially comparing to the titleist Supersoft or Bridgestone E12 Soft Golf Ball in this price range.


Callaway supersoft golf balls offer six colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink & Green. If you want a high visibility golf ball with a great price and performance, you can pick the yellow color ball of this model which is the best color.


The Supersoft ball is designed with a reduced drag coefficient, which decreases air resistance as the golf ball travels through the air, resulting in a ball that travels further and faster than traditional golf balls.


The Supersoft golf ball is made with densely packed new hybrid cover which allows for a versatile, multi-material construction and it certainly feels highly effective, especially when you’re hitting approach shots into the green.

Its compression and cover which creates a softer feel at impact and prevents the ball from scuffing or catching on the club face. This also results in increased durability by reducing the risk of the golf ball denting or cracking.

What factors would need to be improved?

Every ball comes with its drawbacks and especially big drawbacks in this price range but the Callaway supersoft golf ball comes with very little to no drawbacks. The first problem it faces is in the wind. If you’re a low handicap player then you would have a hard time shaping the ball because of the low spin.

Some other factors which would need to be improved are the flight of the ball, spin and a little bit distance. Another improvement could be the look of the ball with a little deeper dimples because when it runs on grass it gets affected with more smooth friction. Also, it gets dirty and scratches easily.

Overall, this is one of the best golf ball for an average player with upper mid to high handicap in the market right now. Also if you have difficulty understanding that which golf ball is best for you then please look at the best golf balls.

Callay Super Soft Golf Balls Reviewed by


  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Cover: Ionomer (Hybrid Cover featuring PARALOID)
  • Compression: 38 (Super Low Compression Core)
  • Pattern: Low drag HEX aerodynamics


  • Super Softest Feel
  • Long Straight Shots
  • Fast Ball Speed
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Long Lifespan
  • 6 Color Options


  • Not Best Choice for Lower Handicap Golfers
  • Low Spin makes it hard to shape a shot
  • Gets scratches, marks, and dirt easily

Finally, if you’re just starting or already are a mid to high handicap player, this Callaway supersoft golf ball is currently offering the best experience within price. Also see our best golf balls list if you’re an average golfer.

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